Monday, February 8, 2010

Cancer Free and Loving it!!!

I can now officially say that I am ONE YEAR cancer free as of Feb. 9th!!!! What a great milestone!!! It's an anniversary that I hope to be celebrating for a long, long time!!! No more dreading birthdays and getting older -- I embrace it!! A wrinkle here, fat roll there, gray hairs.... it's all okay. I am healthy and feeling fantastic. Age really does come with wisdom, compassion, insight and a new openness.

I am finally at the tail end of my treatments!!!! Diagnosed in November of 2008 -- it has been a long road. 3 surgeries and chemo/herceptin treatments which all started January 2009. At first treatments were weekly and then eventually progressed to every three weeks. I am happy to say I have my second to last treatment this week and am looking forward to my last treatment at the beginning of March!!! It will be great to have this final phase behind me.

A lot has happened to team Tough Warrior Princesses since my last post -- Most importantly, our team has added three additional members!! We are now 7 strong and hopefully will add more! Welcome to Tina (a fellow breast cancer survivor) Gretchen and Theresa. Our team now consists of 3 young survivors. We had our first team meeting and have some fundraising ideas to help us all reach our committed goals. We are a fun-loving group and I expect we will have a lot of fun while raising awareness and cash for our cause.

Last week Cheryl and I attended a Komen Getting Started meeting. Sherri was there too, as a meeting facilitator. So, I guess you could say this was the meeting that was informing us exactly what we had gotten ourselves into.... We have to raise WHAT? And walk how FAR?? And sleep in a tiny TENT? It's all good. The meeting was informational and uplifting. Yes, Cheryl cried... but if you know Cheryl, you knew that. (She cries at commercials!) Kidding aside, it was amazing. There was a young girl (in her twenties) at the meeting who had recently lost her mother to breast cancer, and I so felt her pain and saw myself in her. Yet here she was already, determined to make a difference. There were about 10 women there and we all had our own personal reasons for being there - and I don't think anyone didn't shed a tear or two. We walked out of there determined to not only raise our minimum $2,300 each, but more.

We have scheduled an evening at the Polish Club on May 8th. There will be music, fun, friends and even silent auctions. More details to follow.

We are looking to add team members, so if you think you could be interested in getting in shape and having some fun and raising $$$, inquire within!!!  It is a big commitment, but it's for your mothers, sister's, daughters, wives (yes, men welcome) aunts and grandmothers.  This disease hits 1 in 8.  You don't think it can happen to you...... until it does.


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