Sunday, March 14, 2010

One AMAZING young Girl! Beyond Words to me.....

This one is a tear-jerker! I'm learning that fundraising is rewarding, because you really get to see the good side of people. Well, in this case, it's even better ..... a very special 9 year old girl - that I haven't had the pleasure of even meeting yet..... The story starts with a generous donation I received  from a business associate, who I haven't really even seen in a long time. (A touching story in and of itself) This man and his wife did the walk last year and this special young lady that they knew did a birthday party to raise donations for this couple's walk. Her name is Kelsey. This year, Kelsey was looking to donate again, but since this couple isn't walking this year, they referred her on to me. How lucky am I?!  In May Kelsey will be turning 10 and all birthday gifts raised, will be donated towards the Komen walk through me!!!! I feel honored to be invited to this birthday party - I can't imagine a better one. But the story gets better. I have been corresponding with Kelsey's mom, who has given me a glimpse into what Kelsey is like and I am just amazed and think we could all take a lesson or two from Kelsey.

Kelsey is recently adopted by this wonderful family, but she started out at the age of 4 with them as a foster child. When she came to them she could not even speak - nothing - no words. She was left in the dark in a broken crib. Can you imagine? She had been so neglected. This family has taught her everything she knows. What I have learned so far about Kelsey is that she is very enthusiastic about life and does not care so much about "things" as she does about living and enjoying life and doing good things for others. I can only imagine what a tough road it was in the early years for Kelsey and her family - getting through the challenges or learning to speak and catching up, but catch up she has! Her mom tells me she wakes up smiling and goes to bed smiling. She knows how to love and how to give. She has a German Shephard named Duke that means the world to her. She has been given the gift of a beautiful voice and now sings and has had the honor of singing in the children's choir at the Boston Conservatory of Music! Kelsey is beautiful and her smile is so bright -- I've seen the pictures and I cannot wait to meet this talented, giving and very special girl and the parents that taught her so well.

I will keep you all posted on this journey with Kelsey. I can't wait to be able to meet her and have my girls meet her. They have read all the emails about her and know she is something special.

Kudos to Kelsey!!  What an inspiration. 

On the training front - training has begun. What am I doing to train to walk 60 miles.... Walking!! Lots of walking. There is a training schedule of a building number of miles each week, which will take a lot of time to keep up with. Luckily there are lots of us looking to walk, so it shouldn't be hard to find someone to walk with. I get bored walking alone. Then there is Connie - my neighbor who walks almost daily at 4 a.m. -- yes, you read it right - 4 a.m.! I love going out to get in my morning walks with her - but once or twice a week at that time is about all I can seem to handle. She has kept me going all winter. Yes... she is crazy, and she is bringing me with her! You do get a lot accomplished when you get up that early. I'm also starting to run (okay jog... slowly) again. It feels great. I am doing the Couch to 5K program. And yes, some days I do have to drag myself off the couch. Hopefully I can kick the couch habit to the side and get this body into record shape!!

If you haven't already, please become a fan of our team on Facebook. Tough Warrior Princesses! We want to be the strongest team from Boston and we are well on our way!! We are working on our fundraisers now. We have some great silent auction items, and are looking for fundraising ideas and ways to promote our auction items.

Thanks for all your support!!! The donations, the kind words -- it is just amazing!!


  1. I LOVE YOU MOM <3 [: post about the upcoming auction in may

  2. Kelsey and her parents are truly the most amazing, generous people I have come to know. I'm so glad you've had a chance to know her story. Good luck with your training and see you at the birthday party! Patti

  3. What an amazing and caring little girl! So happy she found such beautiful parents to show her love & happiness!! Can't wait to tell my children all about what she is doing! Thanks for sharing Patti & best of luck with your training!!

  4. Hey Patty. Thats a great story. I have hear about Kelsey last year. She is truely a gift. Can not wait to meet you Thursday. Happy walking


  5. Patty,
    I am sooo proud of you, Kelsey and EVERYONE there to help you!! Happy walking and enjoy!!

    Jodi (Stansbury: as you know, there are two Jodi's in your life and it could be confusing! LOL)

  6. Patty,
    What a great story about Kelsey- I am so glad you shared. She sounds like an amazing young girl. Keep up the great work on your training schedule!! When warm weather hits us I will be up for walking too.
    XOXO Jody
    the other one