Saturday, March 12, 2011

Service Above Self.... Thank you Haverhill Rotary!

On March 10th, Sherri and I had the honor of speaking at the Haverhill Rotary Club. What a welcoming group! Thank you to Chuck Traver and the Haverhill Rotary for the opportunity. We are most grateful.

As the Rotary went through their business meeting before we spoke, one of the members stood up and announced she was happy to be back after some months away from the group. She explained that she had been battling breast cancer. She proudly announced her move into survivorship and the group welcomed her back with great applause.

When Sherri and I got up to speak, I was so overcome with emotion... I was looking at the survivor in the group and was just overwhelmed with it all. Thoughts of my mom, our teammate Maurine (with metastatic bc), my other YOUNG survivor teammates and this new survivor just bowled me over. I know I am immersed in the bc world, but it seems epidemic to me. I am so happy, though, that a group like the Rotary is so open to hearing what we have to say.

Sherri and I talked, not about our disease, but about HOPE and the ability to make a difference. We were able to play our video Walk Like a Princess for the group and it definitely had the impact I thought it may. I noticed some tears in the audience. Of course, Rotarians know firsthand the ability to make a difference. The Rotary motto is Service Above Self. Enough said.

Team update - We are now 30 members strong! If you haven't checked out the updated website, please do!

On the website you can purchase your tickets to the May 14th Dance Like a Princess event.

We also have a new section on the website for Upcoming Events and Other Ways to Help. We have interesting ways in which you can help outside of the traditional donation. We are looking for event volunteers for the Warrior Dash on 6/25 (you can sign up online) and we have an Avon event from the 18th to the 28th of March, where we will be making 50% of everything purchased.

I just went out for my first official training run of the spring. Gotta get this body in shape for the Warrior Dash!

Happy Spring!


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