Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2 Great Parties!!!

Our May 8th fundraiser was a complete success.  I am so overwhelmed and stunned at the generosity and spirit of the friends and family who came out and supported our Tough Warrior Princess Silent Auction and dance. Thank you to those who nudged us to do it and those who donated items for the auction and those who came out and celebrated with us. I have to say this team of 10 women is pretty amazing and our support system is even more amazing. A ton of fun was had by all. And another $8,000 was raised for our team!!!

Happy 10th Birthday Kelsey!!  See picture to the right.  A couple of blogs back, I wrote about an amazing girl named Kelsey. (See prior blog for her story) Kelsey is a girl I never met until this weekend at her birthday party. Kelsey just turned 10. Kelsey, for the second year in a row, asked all gifts to be in the form of donations to Susan G. Komen. This year, for my walk. The party was at Coco Key and it is safe to say that Kelsey has a lot of friends! She also has pretty incredible parents!!! I can't put into words the kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity of this family. I have never been so touched. Meeting Kelsey was a great opportunity and she is truly a miracle. She has a great smile, is warm and friendly and you would never guess the challenge she has faced in her lifetime. It seems she and her family have an understanding most of us never have. Kelsey's party raised over $1,000 for the cause!!!! I am forever grateful and changed by this experience.

Under the topic of training - I continue walking and running. Last weekend I got about 16 miles in. This weekend the plan is 24 miles. The time goes by fast when walking, as I'm always walking with good people. It is social hour or in this case, hours.

My thoughts and prayers are constantly with my friends Maurine Turcotte and Marcia Lund as they deal with the next steps in their journey with breast cancer.

Further fundraisers:

AVON!!!  Need skincare items, make-up, jewelry or even clothes? My oldest (not in age) and dearest friend Danielle Dahn, has set up that 50% of the proceeds ordered through her to be donated to my walk. All products ordered between now and the 28th of May are eligible.

To have your purchase qualify, go to: www.youravon.com/ddahn

Once you are there, select online events and follow directions from there.

Please be sure to let me know if you have any questions or would like an Avon catalog. Danielle is a fabulous Avon representative and I am loving the products I have tried. And the best part..... they don't break the bank!

Also, don't forget the Flatbread Pizza Fundraiser evening on Tuesday, July 6th. Come eat pizza at Flatbread in Amesbury and they donate part of the proceeds to our team. It should be a nice family night out.

Thanks for reading!  I'll update again soon -- the walk is 10 weeks away!

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  1. Hi Patty, I did the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this past weekend May 15/16. It was so awesome. I will never forget it!
    You are doing so great!!! And your traning Patty, WOW you'll make it the entire way.
    You GO GIRL!!!!!
    Warmest of wishes and a big HUG to you!
    Beth Flanagan