Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Facing Challenges and Fears -

The walk is getting close and training is in high gear. This past weekend was the back to back 18 mile / 15 mile training walk weekend. Although, due to most of us doing or volunteering at the Warrior Dash all day Saturday, there are some of us who did not get both walks in. This is the best time, the fundraising is wrapping up and the focus goes to training for and getting excited for our 3 Day walk. What I enjoyed most last year and am again this year is watching those that have never walked such high miles use their strength and determination to go the distance. Pushing through pain, making the time to do it and just going for it. I love watching the transformation. My vote for Warriors of the week for walking go to Barbara and Melanie. The two women have inspired me to challenge myself further. Love the heart you two have! Our training walks have been a blast and it is just fun getting the miles in and getting to know new teammates. We really have a great team!

Oh, wait, other Warriors from our team -- Cheryl, Bob, Julie, Marion, Sandy S, Sandy G, all the ladies from Synergy Fitness and ME! We did the Warrior Dash, a crazy mud filled 3 mile obstacle course through hilly woods, on Saturday. Not only did we finish, but at the end there is a very high roped wall you need to climb up and come over. It was the scariest thing I have ever done and near the top I knew I had completely lost my mind. But I came to do the race to face some fears and this was the biggest fear -- (well the whole mud everywhere thing was scary too) Sitting at the top trying to decide if I should just back down the way I had gotten up or take the leap and step over it and turn around and come down, I really had to struggle. I was shaking like crazy, looking down with my mud soaked body and sneakers and hands, and thought what if I slip? Then came the surge .... I CAN do this!! It was awesome!!! I got to the bottom and watched Cheryl conquer the same fears and were so proud of how far the 2 of us have come in the last two years! It was great... But I am still trying to get the dirt out from under my toenails. Yuck!!!

The TWP team had committed to providing 50 volunteers to staff the Warrior Dash and I just feel honored at the people who turned out to help us. These crazy women showed up at 6 in the morning in the downpours and thunderstorms. Amazing!!! I think the people who ran the race had it easier than these volunteers who were completely soaked and spent their day working hard. Thank you so much to my friends who did this! There are no words for how I felt when I saw the sheer numbers of you and felt the positive energy! Another $2,000 raised for Team Tough Warrior Princess!!

Alexa is once again on the Youth Corp. for the 3 Day walk. This means she is one of 20 children who will be working very hard those 3 Days at any task that needs doing. Cheering on participants and spreading love. I think this is harder than the walking 60 mile thing. I am so proud of her for raising the money, sharing the experience with me and taking on this challenge again. We also have Dylan and Tyler Turcotte on Youth Corp. and I know they will rock it!

Team TWP is almost at $90,000 so far this year and that doesn't count what our Youth Corp. has raised as well as other funds that are going towards the mission of the TWP. We are well on our way to our $100,000 2011 Goal and our official Non-Profit status.

My challenge for you this week - pick one fear and face it in some way. Leave a comment -- what is your fear and how will you take a step to face it. It really is empowering!



  1. Way to go Warrior team! Since have never been a big lightning fan, I'd say I have already faced a fear this week :)