Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's time to Walk the Walk!

The 3-Day is next weekend!! I have trained well and am so ready. Can't wait to share this time with 30 others on our team that have made such a huge commitment. It is very impressive! All have met their minimums and are ready to go. Committing to raise $2,300 and walk 60 miles is not as easy as it may sound. The hours of training and the fundraising work is no small feat. Once again, Kudos to each and every one of you on the Tough Warrior Princess team. My sole sisters! We had a goal at the beginning of our fundraising of $100,000. We are so close to the goal!!!! Thank you to everyone for the amazing support!!! I am just amazed at the dedication!

Want to attend an event that will most certainly motivate and move you?! Come cheer us on at our private TWP cheering station at McCue the Florist parking lot on Saturday July 23 from 10am–2:15pm. It is located at 200 Cambridge Street, Woburn on the corner of Rte 3 and Lexington St next to the 99 Restaurant. Or consider coming to closing ceremonies on Sunday. The closing of this event is beautiful and we would love to see all of our friends and family there. The ceremonies are held at UMASS Boston in Dorchester. More details to follow as they become available.

I mostly can't wait to share this time with my daughter, Alexa. Alexa is part of the walk again this year, as she once again has the opportunity to be part of the Komen Youth Corp. She has raised $1,500 and will spend the 3 days working the event. Working the event is harder than walking the event. These kids are up before the walkers and work not just during the walk but before and after. They do so many different chores and also do a lot of cheering and kind things for the walkers. Alexa is perfect at the cheering part. My favorite part of the day is when I get to see her at a rest station or cheering station. Her smile and constant enthusiasm just melt me. I am so happy she partakes in this event with me. The best part of the entire 3 Day for me is when each of the Youth Corp kids get up on stage and talk about why they are there - it is extremely moving. This should be Alexa's last year of participating in the Youth Corp, as next year she will be 16 and will be old enough to be a walker.

I have been given the honor of carrying the My Daughter flag into the opening and closing ceremonies this year!! How proudly will I carry that flag?!! Because Alexa will be working the event, she won't get to walk with me as I carry the flag, but Katie will!! This is so significant for me, as I know my mother would be proud of us, her daughter and granddaughters for what we are doing. I will be so happy to have Katie by my side. Katie, who is the very example of strength and determination and facing a tough situation with grace. Katie just "celebrated" her 3 year anniversary of being diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. And yes, we did celebrate because Katie is well and is able to do everything she wants to! I never want my daughters to have to face a breast cancer diagnosis like me and my mom had to. Every step with that flag stands for the determination that I have to keep going until there is a cure.

My brother, Bob, is also walking the event this year and that too means so much to me. He is such a trooper. Being on a team and training with 30 women as the sole Prince can't be easy. We are all pretty strong, opinionated women and he has to put up with a lot. The work he has done for us is over the top. He handles all of our technical fundraising needs, just check out our website for a sample of his work. The fact that he is walking in this event to honor his mother and his sister is just awesome. There aren't many men on the route and I am so glad he will be one of them!

And lastly, but certainly not least. MY DAD!!! My dad is my biggest fan. Many of you reading this know that - because you have to listen to him gush about me - but I love that he is so proud. My dad goes nowhere without my business cards and the Video flyers. Heck, he was sick in the hospital passing them out to every nurse and doctor or person that would listen. He is also the biggest fan (well, next to Sherri's husband and family - the Ziomeks) along the route. For the entire 3 days that I walked my dad showed up at every cheering station and was there the entire way. My dad is 80 years young and the heat last year was so extreme - but that certainly didn't stop him. Last year he also had custom designed silver necklaces made for each team member with the princess logo engraved. Having lost a wife to breast cancer and then watching your daughter go through it all cannot be an easy thing. Thanks for always being there for me dad!! I love you!




  1. Patty you are a wonderful inspiration, and I am proud to have you as a friend. What you are all doing is an amazing thing, an example of LIFE, succeeding in every aspect of it!

  2. I'll be there walking this weekend! Just hit the $5k fundraising mark, I'm so humbled.