Thursday, March 1, 2012


After being diagnosed in 2008 and having my treatment plan after my initial surgery, which found more cancer, completely blow up into more surgery and more treatment, I got really scared.  We made the plans for my next surgery, which would be a double mastectomy with reconstruction.... I was beyond frightened but resolved in what the next steps had to be.  I looked at my young children and realized before the next round of surgery we needed to get away.   Surgery was planned and the trip was planned.  We took the kids to Disney and had the time of our lives.  I truly enjoyed that vacation and it helped put my mind in the right place. 

I just returned from a trip to Florida with my family - not Disney this time, but just a warm, sunny relaxing trip with my beautiful family.  It was our first trip - other than skiing - since that time.  It put me back in the same space in a lot of aspects and helped me to appreciate the small stuff -- which is not really the small stuff .... It is the stuff that matters most.

Please remember in your daily lives, what if tomorrow it were all to change?  What would you cherish about today?  I cherish YOU - my friends and my family.

Please take a moment to hit this link to my friend and teammate, Sherri's blog.  Sherri eloquently explains why we continue to support Komen and outlines why we are working to grow THE TOUGH WARRIOR PRINCESS organization.  Our mission is to help women fighting any type of cancer.  Cancer is cancer.  Doesn't matter the origination - WE NEED A CURE.... NOW!

Sherri's Blog:

Without Sherri, there would be no Tough Warrior Princesses!  For those of you that don't know Sherri, she is also a survivor.  She is my age and went through her diagnoses and treatment just before me.  I remember being so scared for her then. Watching her and her family of 3 young children cope with it all.    Then, when it happened to me, she became my source and my family's sources for understanding, comfort and simple friendship.  We have been through so much together and together will  MAKE A DIFFERENCE. 



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  1. So true Patty! I couldn't imagine anyone else I would rather take this journey with. We have already made a difference in so many ways and will continue to do so day after day until there is a cure! xo